Urban “Palisade” Security Fencing

Urban “Palisade” Security Fencing

Urban palisade is a strong and durable fence system, providing a high level of security protecting against climbing and cut through thus providing an excellent delay factor to any unwanted intrusion.  Increased security can be achieved using “Urban anti-climb mesh” sandwiched between the vertical pales.


  • Provides a physical & visual deterrent
  • Protects against cut through
  • Difficult to climb
  • Vandal resistant
  • Excellent of sloping ground


  • Heights: 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.4m, 3.0m
  • Pale profiles: W section, D section
  • Pale tops: Triple pointed, round & notched, pointed
  • Horizontal rails: 40 x 40, 45 x 45, 50 x 50 all dependant on the height of fence.
  • Post Centres: 2.75m
  • Galvanised to BS 1461 standards
  • Polyester powder coating (Extensive colour range available)

Typical Applications

  • Industrial parks
  • Lorry compounds
  • Utility sites

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