N2BL-02 Timber Crash Rated Barrier With RiderPro-MRS-04

N2BL-02 Timber Crash Rated Barrier With RiderPro-MRS-04

N2BL-02 With RiderPro Light

High Level Smart Looking Motorcyclist Protection

Road side safety barriers made of laminated wood  and Corten steel, CE certified according to the harmonized standard EN 1317-5 with containment level in N2 class. Integrated with continuous motorcyclist protection system RiderPro-MRS-04, tested by the ISO 17025 certified proving ground CSI, according to the technical specification CEN/TS 17342, speed class 60 km/h.

Installation Sheet N2BL-02

Installation Sheet RiderPro-MRS-04

N2BL-02 With RiderPro Light
N2BL-02 With RiderPro Dark


  • N2 Crash Rated
  • Natural timber appearance
  • Fully recyclable materials
  • Modular system
  • Optional Handrail
  • Easy to install

Typical Applications

  • Retail parks
  • Parks
  • Preservation Areas
  • Picnic Areas
  • Country Roads and Highways

Barrier Specification

  • Containment Class: N2
  • Containment Level: 82 kj
  • Crash Test Length: 92m
  • Working Width: W5 ≤ 1.7m
  • Post Embedment: 1085mm
  • Height From Tarmac Level: 710mm
  • Post Spacings: 4m

RiderPro Specification

  • ISO 17025 Proving Ground: CSI SpA
  • Reference Standard: CEN/TS 17342
  • Performance Class: 60 km/h
  • Post Spacing: 4m
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