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Scenic Fence Panels

Urban Scenic Fence Graphic Panels

Urban Scenic Fence has been developed as a unique system offering visual protection against unwanted see-through in sensitive areas and protection against pass-through of objects.

Urban Scenic Fence is designed to be used alongside a new fence installation or can be retro-fitted to an existing fence.

Graphic panels are securely fastened to the inside or outside of the fence which means it can be installed without entering a secure area.

Panels have a protective aluminium film to protect them against against cutting and climbing.


  • Various design concepts
  • Aluminium film to protect against against cutting/ climbing
    Fastened to the inside or outside of the fence
    Can be retro-fitted to an existing fence
  • Easy to install

Typical Applications

  • High security sites
    Mental health facilities
    Anti-climb roof protection
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