P2-01 “Beaver” Timber Energy Absorbing Terminal

P2-01 “Beaver” Timber Energy Absorbing Terminal

P2-01 Beaver

A Massive Leap In Energy Absorbing Technology

Beaver is now a family of terminals for road barriers, designed in technical collaboration with the LAST laboratory of the Milan Polytechnic. P2-01 “Beaver” is compatible with all products in the range, represents the evolution of the first energy absorption device made of laminated wood and steel and has been successfully tested for Class P2 performance according to UNI ENV 1317-4 .

The Beaver family completes the Margaritelli product range thus ensuring a higher level of protection for road users.

Installation Sheet P2-01 Beaver

P2-01 Beaver Rear


  • Terminal Class P2
  • Natural timber appearance
  • Fully recyclable materials
  • Modular system
  • Easy to install

Typical Applications

  • Public Roads
  • Paths
  • Country Roads

Barrier Specification

  • Reference Standard: ENV 1317-4
  • ASI Index: 0.8
  • Impact Severity Class: A
  • VCDI index: FS|LF|RF 0000000
  • Permanent Lateral Displacement: 2.83m
    Exit Box Approach Side:0.48m
  • Exit Box Departure Side: 4.6m
  • Exit Box Class: Z2
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